If you've just had dentures fitted, you're probably thrilled with your new smile. After all, dentures can turn the most ordinary teeth into a thing of wonder. On top of that, dentures can improve speaking, chewing, and the general comfort level inside your mouth. However, this isn't usually apparent straight away; most denture wearers find that their new teeth feel unnatural when they are first fitted and need a little adjustment time before they feel right. Just keep in mind that this adjustment period only lasts about a month or two. To make the adjustment period go as smoothly as possible, read on for a few tips on how to make your first days as denture wearer easier.

Practice speech

It's no wonder talking feels weird after you have a full set of dentures fitted; after all, you have a whole new set of teeth, and so your jaw is going to move differently. It will eventually get used to your new teeth, but you can hurry it along by doing plenty of talking. If you feel silly doing so, do it in private! Try reading a book to yourself, or sing along to the radio when you're driving in the car. In no time, you'll find talking as naturally as you did pre-dentures.

Be careful what you eat

For now, it may feel nicer on your gums to stick to soft foods, such as ice cream, soup, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes. After a few days, add in slightly firmer foods like fish and steamed vegetables. Leave the more challenging foods, such as meat and crispy raw vegetables, for when you feel fully adjusted to wearing your new dentures.

You will probably experience increased salivation during your adjustment period, and this is completely normal. It's simply your body's way of adjusting to having something new in the mouth. It should go away pretty quickly, but if you find it lingering for a few weeks, talk to your dentist; it could be the sign of something that needs fixing, such as dentures that were not fitted properly.

Don't give in 

Try and wear your new dentures as often as you can. The temptation may be to take them out when they are irritating you or feeling strange in your mouth, but the more you wear them, the quicker that strange sensation will pass.

If after a couple of months your dentures still feel odd or uncomfortable, be sure to visit your dentist, as they may need an adjustment.