Toddlers who have seen their first teeth come through need to establish a healthy regime in order to make sure that they last until their adult teeth start to arrive. This usually happens at about the age of six or seven, so some people mistakenly think that little care is required because so-called baby teeth do not need to last very long. However, if children lose their baby teeth prematurely, then their adult teeth often do not come through in the correct manner. This can lead to a variety of problems including malocclusions which need to be treated by periodontists. Let's take a look at what parents can do for their toddlers to ensure good tooth care is maintained.

  • Using a soft-bristled brush is a good measure for pre-school age children because it does not cause a great deal of abrasion against young gums. This should be backed up with a toothpaste that contains fluoride but which has been specifically designed for younger kids. A gentle brushing motion on each and every tooth is required at least twice a day. A typical brushing session should last three minutes.
  • Flossing is also important for toddlers. However, you should only undertake this measure if you have been shown how to do so properly by a trained dentist. In many cases, family dentists will provide this sort of training free of charge when you go for a regular family check up. It is crucial to floss in such a way that the gum line of youngsters is not damaged.
  • Healthy foods are another important factor when it comes to young children. This is just as important in oral healthcare as it is with general growth and development. Foods which contain calcium, such as milk and broccoli, are very good for maintaining healthy teeth. Opt for sugar-free drinks wherever possible and make sure that a child's diet is varied so that they obtain all of the vitamins and nutrients needed by bones and teeth.
  • Avoid certain foods. Unfortunately, some types of food are not good for children's teeth. Firstly, you should limit the number of carbonated drinks that toddlers are exposed to because their bubbles can cause additional damage to teeth along with the sugars they contain. Sweets are okay as a treat, but you should encourage toddlers to eat them in a single session rather than making them last. Brushing teeth after eating sweets is advisable, too.