The teenage years are harsh when it comes to self-confidence. But it is actually the perfect time of their life to make sure your teenager will enter their adult years with an amazing smile. Once your child becomes a teenager, all of their adult teeth have arrived, and this means it is an ideal time to fix any dental issues before they become permanent. Additionally, many teenagers face dental treatment during their adolescent years, so your own child won't be the only one in their class dealing with dental treatment. Consider these two steps you can take now to make your teenager's smile a great one in the long term.

Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening should always be the first step for tackling teenage teeth issues. The reason for this is because braces need to be worn daily for a period of one to three years. Any other cosmetic dental procedures can be damaged if they are done while the braces are being worn. For example, whitening teeth while wearing braces leads to patches behind traditional braces not getting whitened because the whitening bleach cannot penetrate behind the braces.

Teeth straightening fixes crooked teeth, overbite issues and gaps between teeth. Talk to your dentist about what type of braces your teenager needs and get them fitted as early as possible. Invisible braces are the perfect choice for teenagers, as they can barely be seen while they are worn. While more expensive than traditional metal braces, they are less obvious, and this makes them more appealing to self-conscious children.

Dental Veneers

Once the braces period has finished, dental veneers can be fitted to take care of missed dental issues involving gaps or imperfect teeth. Veneers are thin ceramic plates that are attached to the front of natural teeth. The veneers are particularly effective in minimising gaps between teeth and also correcting chipped or uneven teeth issues.

However, dental veneers do not respond to teeth whitening. If you wish to whiten your teenager's teeth after the braces are removed, do the whitening process before you order the veneers. Veneers are made to colour match the rest of the teeth in the mouth, so it is best to have them made after the colour of their teeth has been whitened and brightened.

Even, white, perfectly spaced teeth are sure to increase the self-confidence of your teenager. Since the process can take several years, the sooner you begin the change process, the sooner it will be finished. For more information about braces and fixing your child's teeth, talk with an orthodontics professional.