There are few ailments so difficult to ignore in life as a bad case of toothache. If you cannot take over-the-counter painkillers due to side effects, or if you are already taking painkillers and would like to supplement them with natural remedies, read on for some of the most effective drug-free methods of keeping toothache at bay.

Hot Water Bottle

Holding a hot water bottle to your face will often provide instant relief from toothache and can help you to relax as it eases your discomfort. This method provides a relatively fleeting break from lasting toothache; however, this alone can be a significant relief when the pain becomes overwhelming. You may wish to combine this method with either of the methods outlined below for the most effective natural treatment.

Apply Clove Oil

Cloves contain a chemical called eugenol, which functions as a numbing agent. This chemical is preserved in clove oil, providing an easily administered remedy for your pain. Dry the gum around the problem area with cotton wool or a kitchen towel and apply the clove oil directly, ideally with a cotton swab. You will feel a warmth and instant relief after applying the oil, which you may reapply as and when required to alleviate the pain. Eugenol is also an antiseptic, so in addition to easing the toothache itself, it can help to stop the spread of infection.

Sip Some Whisky

In moderation, sipping a strong spirit such as whisky (approximately 40% alcohol by volume) and swishing it around the tooth will provide immediate relief in the affected area, with the whisky functioning as a form of local anaesthetic. Remember, the goal is not to get drunk: you are numbing a specific area, not your whole body. If whisky is not to your tastes, a similar effect can be achieved through a similar application of a very strong mouthwash – just remember to spit!

Some Advice in Closing...

As a final tip, it can be extremely difficult to forget about the pain you are experiencing while you are constantly treating it. With this is mind, try to combine any of the above methods with another activity which will help to divert your attention, such as watching an engaging movie or TV show or playing a videogame which will keep your mind focused on other things. Ultimately, these methods are all just a temporary measure to get you through the pain until you can see a qualified dentist. If you are experiencing any form of toothache, contact your dentist immediately for an emergency appointment to get the treatment you need. Good luck!