If one of your teeth has developed a large crack, it's worth speaking to your dentist about having it extracted and replaced with a dental implant. Read on to find out why.

To prevent an abscess from developing

If the crack in your tooth extends down to the root, your dentist will almost certainly recommend that you have the tooth removed and replaced with an implant. Allowing a tooth's root to remain exposed can lead to bacteria within the mouth entering its root canal system and causing an infection known as an abscess.

An abscess is a serious dental health condition which can be extremely painful. It can cause a severe ache, as well as swelling at both the site of the infection and in the nearby facial tissues. More importantly, this type of infection can spread quite rapidly to other areas of the sufferer's head and, in extreme cases, their bloodstream. The latter is particularly serious, as a blood infection (known as septicaemia) can be life-threatening, even if it is treated promptly.

Having your entire tooth (including its root) extracted can prevent this type of infection from developing and thus spare you the pain and health risks associated with this type of dental issue.

Fitting an implant in the empty socket will ensure that the removal of your real tooth will not impact your bite (changes to your bite can cause speech and digestive problems) or result in the movement of surrounding teeth (which could result in both aesthetic and dental issues).

To improve your appearance and self-confidence

If the tooth that has developed a crack is located close to the front of your mouth, it could have a negative impact on your appearance and make you feel self-conscious in social situations.

This could be particularly problematic if your job requires you to come across as professional, friendly and confident, as you may find yourself speaking and smiling less often in a bid to prevent your clients or colleagues from seeing your damaged tooth.

Having your cracked tooth removed and getting a dental implant fitted will eliminate this dental problem and all of its associated issues.

Dental implants are designed to look exactly like real teeth. As such, if you have this type of dental device fitted, no one that you spend time with will be able to detect its presence; instead, they will simply see a full set of healthy-looking teeth.