If you will be having your teeth professionally whitened soon and you have never undergone this type of dental treatment before, here are three tips that you might find helpful.

Choose a cosmetic dentist who has a lot of experience in performing tooth whitening treatments

It's best to have your teeth whitened by a dentist who has plenty of experience in carrying out cosmetic dentistry treatments of this kind because tooth whitening requires quite a bit of skill.

An experienced dentist will not just apply a generic solution of bleach to your teeth but will instead base the strength of the bleach solution on several factors, including the condition of your teeth (for example, if your enamel has eroded, your dentist may use a slightly weaker solution), your lifestyle (if you drink a lot of tooth-staining coffee and tea, the dentist may use a stronger solution) and how white you have told them you want your teeth to be.

In short, you are much more likely to achieve satisfactory results if you choose a dentist that has lots of experience with cosmetic dentistry.

Prepare for the temporary sensitivity

The bleach solution that will be used to whiten your teeth may cause some temporary tooth sensitivity. It is important to be prepared for this and to take steps to minimise the discomfort you may experience during the first few days after you have undergone the tooth whitening treatment.

For example, you might want to purchase a tube of toothpaste that is designed specifically for people with sensitive teeth, and you might make an effort to temporarily avoid consuming foods and drinks that can worsen the pain associated with tooth sensitivity (such as, for example, hot drinks and ice cream).

Change some of your habits to make the results last as long as possible

If you want the results of your tooth whitening treatment to last as long as possible, then you might need to make some changes to your daily habits. For example, if you smoke, you may want to either reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke each day or quit this habit entirely, as the nicotine in your cigarettes will leave an unsightly yellow tinge on your newly whitened teeth.

Additionally, you might want to replace your daily cup of black tea with a cup of herbal tea, as the former contains tannins that will add a brown stain to your teeth.