As the temperature starts to warm up in Australia, the variety of fruit and vegetables available to purchase gets bigger. Spring is the prime growing season, so this is the perfect time to add lots of healthy foods to your family meals. While fruit is always a big hit with the kids, some fruits are better for the teeth than others. Since you are a mother who is very keen to make sure dental dramas stay away from your home, here the two best and worst fruit choices when you are focussed on the care of your children's teeth.

Worst Fruits For Dental Decay

The worst contender for dental drama when it comes to fruit is lemons. Sucking on lemons is a no-go because of the amount of acidity in them. The acid attacks the enamel on the teeth, and this weakens its ability to keep cavities at bay. Hot on lemon's heels is pineapple. Pineapple is also an acidic fruit, and it also has a lot of natural sugar in it. Sugar is loved by bacteria because it is a food source. Dental bacteria attack the teeth and create cavities. If your children do insist on eating these two fruits, get them to rinse their mouth with water after finishing eating them so that excess acid and sugar is not left on the teeth.

Best Fruits For Dental Health

There are several reasons why strawberries are such a popular choice when it comes to dental health. Strawberries contain a lot of vitamin C, which is good for your gums. A lack of vitamin C is one reason for the development of bleeding gums. The small white seeds on strawberries also aid dental health because they are a natural tooth cleaner. While eating this tasty food, the seeds gently scrub stains and bacteria clinging to the teeth. This helps keep the teeth whiter for longer. Kiwifruit is another fruit that is good for teeth. The reason for this is the amount of calcium found in kiwifruit. Calcium is necessary for both the health of the bones in the body and the health of teeth.

If you have any further concerns about which fruits and vegetables your children should avoid, have a chat with their dentist. Your family dentist can steer you in the right direction, and then you'll be able to purchase the perfect produce for your family this summer.