If you have been fitted with false teeth by your dentist, then you may have no idea how to look after them properly in the first few weeks of wearing them. In fact, false teeth are not much more of a hassle to keep in good condition than real ones are. If you are looking for guidance on the best way of maintaining your set of false teeth, then read on and find out everything you need to know.

Handling Care

The first thing to take into account about false teeth is that although they are made to be extremely durable in your mouth — and will mean that you can bite into most of the foods that you used to do with your old teeth. They do need careful handling when they are taken out of your mouth. Many types of false teeth will have little plastic or metal clasps, which mean they are able to attach to your other teeth. These components are extremely delicate, so you should handle your denture with care when cleaning it. In particular, ensure that you don't bend any of the clasps fixings.

Rinse After Eating

With any false teeth that you wear, it is possible to get little particles of food trapped underneath them. Things like small seeds become extremely uncomfortable if they become lodged between a false tooth and the gum beneath. Therefore, you should always remove your false teeth after eating. All that is needed is to hold your dentures under some running water for a moment or two in order to make sure it is freed of any food debris. Take care not to drop your false teeth into the sink when rinsing them off. It is a good idea to place a flannel into your basin so that, should you drop them, they are not subsequently damaged.

Keep Up Oral Hygiene

When you have taken your false teeth out, it is also necessary to clean the area they usually occupy. All that is needed for this is a conventional, soft-bristled toothbrush. Gently apply a back-and-forth motion in the area to ensure that it remains clean and hygienic for when your teeth are replaced.

Daily Deep Cleaning

You should give your false teeth a clean on a daily basis. Most denture repairs are required because they are not maintained properly. You will need to buy a denture cleanser product, which is non-abrasive, to do this. These products help to remove any deposits that naturally build up in your mouth, such as plaque, for example. Never use a denture cleanser in your mouth.

Overnight Soaking

Finally, you should soak your dentures every night. Do not leave your false teeth out, or you will find that they dry and can become misshapen. It is best to use a solution that is designed to help maintain false teeth, but if this is not available, then simple tap water would do a good enough job.