Along with physical growth, edgy tastes and a degree of self-awareness, orthodontics is considered just another rite of passage for teenagers today. As a parent, you might wonder why orthodontics go hand-in-hand with teenagers. Well, according to experts, adolescence is the right time to deal with orthodontic issues since the conditions become harder to treat with age. Therefore, problems such as bad bite, improper tooth spacing, and poor tooth alignment are best handled in the teens. That said, it is essential to make careful considerations when choosing orthodontic care for your teenage child. This article highlights three types of teenager orthodontic care solutions.

Lingual Braces

The primary goal of administering orthodontic care in teenagers is to correct tooth issues. However, teenagers today are increasingly becoming self-aware, especially with the proliferation of social media. It is more important to them how they appear in photos. It might explain why most teenagers don't find traditional metal braces appealing. Not only do they show from a mile away, but most teenagers find the braces uncomfortable. Enter lingual braces. These are arguably the most unnoticeable form of orthodontic care appliance in dental health today. The reason is that unlike traditional braces, lingual braces are attached to the back of the teeth, which makes them invisible. Therefore, they enable your child to go about their lives without worrying about exposing their braces to the entire world.  

Coloured Braces

Metal braces have come a long way, and compared to those used by dentists years ago, conventional braces are much smaller and comfortable. However, you should realise that teenagers are conscious of their image. Therefore, the kids have a say in what goes into their mouth. Coloured braces offer this opportunity because unlike the plain stainless steel bands on traditional braces, the coloured versions come in a variety of colours. Therefore, your teenage child can select braces of their favourite shade. Coloured braces not only make orthodontic care inclusive, but they also increase the chances of success since kids are receptive to the dental solution.  

Invisalign Braces

With metal and ceramic orthodontic devices, subsequent appointments are necessary to tighten the bands for a secure fit. Moreover, teenagers have to maintain strict oral care and should avoid certain foods. While such care is possible with a schedule, it can be a hassle for your teenager. Invisalign braces offer a reprieve and are considered the most popular among teens for a couple of reasons. First, Invisalign braces are clear and, therefore, difficult to notice even from a close distance, and this works well for the teenager's image. Second, they are removable, which makes it easy to enjoy meals as well as brush teeth. Third and most important, Invisalign braces are fitted with compliance indicators which show if the braces are being worn as directed by the orthodontist.