If you've been wearing dentures for at least a year and they are loose, then you may think that they need to be tightened. But, the real issue is often that your denture needs to be relined. The result of this process will be a better fit for your mouth and teeth, as well as a better seal from your gums. Here are four concrete benefits you should see from denture relining.

1. Relining Keep Your Smile Healthy

A proper fit can help your gums and cheeks stay healthy. If your dentures don't fit well, irritated tissue can lead to sore spots and painful sores. Even worse, you can have sensitivity when eating or speaking, especially if your teeth rub against your dentures.

2. Relining Improve Color Blending

As time passes, the colour of any type of dental restoration will change, due to the aging process and exposure to the elements including sunlight and artificial light. A reline on an older set of dentures can help improve the colour match and keep them looking natural for a longer period of time.

3. Relining Improves Fit

Relining helps make sure your denture retains the proper shape and a close relationship to the gums and cheeks. If your dentures don't fit well, they can't seal properly. That means you might have a harder time talking or could even choke if food gets lodged in between them. You may also be at a higher risk of developing gum disease as a result. In most cases, you will need to reline your dentures every few years, or as soon as you notice that they start to shift out of place due to wear and tear from eating or from brushing your teeth.

4. Relining Gives You a Better Overall Mouth Experience

Relining helps dentures fit better in your mouth. It will reduce or completely stop those sore spots and prevent painful sores. A reline can also improve the appearance of the denture so that it looks like a natural part of your smile, not something that you put on every morning.

You can get a reline by visiting your dentist, or if you have a new set of dentures, you can visit an orthodontics office. Relining isn't only for older patients, and it's not just for those with periodontal disease. In fact, it can benefit almost anyone who wears dentures and has loose or ill-fitting teeth.