If you depend on dentures, then it is a nuisance if they break. The following tips can help you deal with this issue.

1. Don't Attempt a DIY Fix

Trying to fix even minor damage on your own can compromise the integrity of the denture to the point an actual repair is no longer possible. Although denture repair kits are available at the chemist, they are not effective at making a real repair. Even more importantly, avoid the completely DIY option of using household glues to fix dentures, as these are impossible to remove and rarely work well.

2. Take Advantage of Dental Wax

For minor damage that is simply irritating but doesn't otherwise affect the fit and use of the denture, such as a rough area, dental wax can provide some short term relief without causing further damage. You simply rub a small ball of the wax, available from any chemist shop, over the affected area so it is smoothed out. The wax is easily removed when the dentures are cleaned.

3. Save All the Pieces

In most cases, dentures can be fully repaired, often on the same day. This is made easier if you have all the pieces that broke off. Otherwise, there may be a wait for repairs if an important piece, like a tooth crown, has to be replaced because it was lost. When dentures break gather all pieces together, no matter how small, so that you can be sure they are all there when you go in for repairs. 

4. Clean Carefully

If you won't be able to get the dentures in right away for a repair, then take extra care when cleaning them. This is especially true if you are still wearing the damaged dentures. You don't want food to get stuck in the damaged areas and causing gum irritation. Continue to clean as usual, but take extra care around the damaged bit so that the dentures don't break any further.

5. Schedule a Repair

The sooner you can have your dentures fixed, the more comfortable you will be and the less likelihood of more extensive damage. Some dentists and denture services provide walk-in service, while others may require that you schedule an appointment. Depending on the extent of the damage, they may even be able to fix the dentures while you wait. Otherwise, you can drop them off and then pick the fixed dentures up at your convenience.

Contact a broken denture repair service if your dentures have suffered damage.