While you can buy tray-based teeth whitening kits in stores, they might not deliver effective results. You are more likely to bleach your teeth safely and effectively if you go to your dentist and book a bleaching treatment that uses custom trays.

What are the benefits of using custom-fit bleaching trays? 

1. A More Comfortable Fit

The trays in bleaching kits you buy in stores are often sized to general measurements. So, for example, you might have to estimate the size of your mouth and choose a bleaching kit on that basis.

In some cases, you do have some customisation options. For example, some kits come with trays that you can fit to your teeth more accurately. You heat these trays to make them pliable and then put them in your mouth to take on the shape of your teeth.

However, neither of these solutions is guaranteed to give you a perfect fit. Even if you use mouldable trays, they aren't likely to fit all your teeth precisely and comfortably. If a tray doesn't give you a perfect fit, then it might hurt when you wear it.

If your dentist creates a custom tray for you, then it fits your teeth exactly. It will feel more comfortable and will be easier to tolerate during your bleaching sessions.

2. Better Bleaching Coverage

If you wear a badly-fitting bleaching tray, then the tray won't have consistent and complete contact with all your teeth. A bad fit can affect how well your whitening treatment works.

For example, if your trays are too big, then they won't fit snugly around all your teeth. They won't be able to apply the bleach consistently to all of your tooth surfaces. Some of your whitening solution might leak out of the trays.

So, you might not see much of a difference in the colour of your teeth after a session. Or, you might end up with different shades on your teeth if a tray applies bleach to some surfaces but not others.

If your dentist manages your teeth whitening tray treatment, then you'll see better and more consistent results. Custom trays fit just right. Your bleaching coverage will be even and effective on all your teeth.

3. No Leakage Sensitivity

If whitening trays don't fit, then bleaching agents can leak out. If these agents escape onto your gums, then you could have problems later. Bleaching solutions can make gums sore and sensitive.

If your dentist creates custom trays for you, then the trays will be snug and well-fitted enough to prevent seepage. Your gums will have more protection.

To find out more about the advantages of in-chair teeth whitening procedures, ask your dentist for advice.