Trips to the dentist can be expensive. But that does not mean you should attempt to fix your own dental issues at home. Attempting DIY dentistry can lead to a host of problems and can even put your oral health at risk. Here are four reasons why you should avoid do-it-yourself dentistry.

Poor Results 

Without the proper training, tools, and resources, your DIY dentistry efforts will likely lead to poor results. Professional dentists have years of experience and know what they're doing when it comes to fixing teeth. If you attempt to do the same thing yourself, chances are you won't get the same quality results that a professional could provide — this means that you may face further complications down the road or have trouble with your newly fixed teeth if not done properly.

No Guarantee

Unlike professional dentists who guarantee their work, there is no such assurance with DIY dentistry. This means that once your "fix" fails — which is more likely than not — you will be left to pay for another procedure to fix the problem correctly. This could end up costing you much more money than if you had just visited a professional from the start.

Injury Risk

Trying to perform any kind of medical procedure on yourself without proper guidance or the right tools can lead to serious injury or infection — and this rings true for DIY dentistry as well. Without proper knowledge and equipment, attempting a complicated dental procedure could result in damage being done to other parts of your mouth or even worsen an existing condition.

Only addressing symptoms

Lastly, let's say that despite all these warnings, you still decide to take matters into your own hands and perform some sort of DIY dentistry procedure at home — chances are all this will do is treat the symptoms rather than actually addressing any underlying issue causing them in the first place. Further down the line, your problem will still likely require professional help anyway.


The bottom line is that while attempting DIY dentistry may seem like an attractive option due to its cost efficiency (or lack thereof), this is not worth risking your oral health over. A professional dentist has both the knowledge and resources needed to properly diagnose any issue with your teeth before providing an effective solution — something which a novice do-it-yourselfer cannot match. So, if you have a dental issue, contact a local dentist today.