As you probably already know, fluoride is very good for your teeth. That's why it's in most kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes. Fluoride is even added to drinking water in many parts of the country. It's a naturally occurring mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel. That enamel naturally loses minerals over time, a process known as demineralization, but fluoride helps with remineralising to keep teeth strong and healthy. It also reduces acid production, which will slow the erosion of enamel from acid that occurs naturally in your mouth.

As such, many dentists now offer fluoride treatments, which involve applying a thin coat of fluoride varnish over teeth, and these treatments are especially beneficial for children. Here are just three reasons why.

1. Makes Developing Teeth Stronger

The main reason why fluoride treatments offer added benefits for children is that their teeth are still developing. This means they are able to reap the fullest benefits of fluoride. When these treatments start early, the fluoride actually gets incorporated into the development of their permanent teeth. This means their adult teeth will grow stronger and be far less vulnerable to decay, so the fluoride treatments you arrange for your children right now could still be keeping their teeth healthy when they have children of their own.

2. Prevents Decay in Baby Teeth

As noted above, fluoride is excellent at strengthening tooth enamel, which will make teeth less vulnerable to the decay that can be caused by bacteria and plaque. When fluoride varnish is applied, it creates a barrier against bacteria and plaque while also adding to the strength of baby teeth. That's good news since baby teeth are far more important than many people realize. If they are lost, developing teeth will often fail to come in straight, which could mean your child will need expensive orthodontic work in the future. Additionally, any decay or infections can spread from baby teeth to recently erupted adult teeth.

3. Easy and Painless

Many children fear the dentist as a place of drills and injections, but fluoride treatments are very easy on them. The varnish can be applied very quickly, and your child will be able to eat and drink normally soon afterwards. Most importantly, the treatment is entirely painless. This means it represents a great way for even nervous children to get used to going to the dentist. As well as protecting their teeth, you'll be helping them develop the habit of coming in for regular appointments.

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